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Lace dresses and skirts Koni-Art
Unique dresses and skirts with laceKONI-Art We
 used many traditionaldesigns and ornaments of rich lace - trueartistry of Koniakow
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Lace skirts Koni-art 000
 Lace skirts Koni-art 000   Koni-art Małgorzata Stanaszek  Price:
484.73 Euro

Lace skirts Koni-art 001
 Lace skirts Koni-art 001   Koni-art Małgorzata Stanaszek  Price:
549.04 Euro

Unique lace skirt with Koni-art. We used many traditional designs and ornaments of rich lace - true artistry . The skirt also has a special lining also made ??of hand crochet. 
Lace skirts Koni-art 002
 Lace skirts Koni-art 002   Koni-art Małgorzata Stanaszek  Price:
549.36 Euro

Luxury handmade lace skirt. Most beautiful patterns of traditional laces used - masterpiece of Koniakow lace makers. Skirt also has special handmade lining. 
Handmade lace dress. Koni-art 003
 Handmade lace dress. Koni-art 003   Koni-art Małgorzata Stanaszek  Price:
225.89 Euro

KONI-Art's handmade lace dress . Elegant and unique. 
Handmade lace dress. Koni-art 004
 Handmade lace dress. Koni-art 004   Koni-art Małgorzata Stanaszek  Price:
969.14 Euro

KONI-Art's luxury handmade lace skirt. Most beautifull patterns of traditional laces - masterpiece of koniakow lace makers. Skirt also has special handmade lining. Together with top, hat (like on the pictures) and scarf or shawl might be used as ... 
Handmade lace dress. Koni-art 005
 Handmade lace dress. Koni-art 005     Price:
872.52 Euro

An elegant set with lace. Used in many traditional, rich patterns and lace embellishments - a true masterpiece of Koni-art. Additionally skirt has a special lining made ??by hand crochet. Set a skirt with a lace blouse with long sleeves. Ideally, ... 
Handmade lace dress. Koni-art 006
 Handmade lace dress. Koni-art 006   Koni-art Małgorzata Stanaszek  Price:
1,131.04 Euro

Lace skirts Koni-art 008
 Lace skirts Koni-art 008     Price:
258.52 Euro

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 
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